Monday, 18 March 2013

Country Run

Mondays are one of the days of the week that I train by myself. I much prefer training in a group. There is of course the social aspect to this and it is just so much easier to put in a session, or a longish recovery run in the company of others. You have the banter and even during a recovery run the competitive aspect is just below the surface. Unfortunately, from a running perspective, I live just too far away from my training partners to meet them every day and I have been unable to find anyone in the near locale who is sufficiently interested in running.


Rather than drive to a venue for today's running, "fix," I took to the local country runs and ended up running a 5.5 mile loop. So quite a short session, both by distance and time. After yesterday's circuits my shoulders and arms felt rather stiff and sore so I thought that any mileage was going to be a bit of a chore. My first mile was completed in eight minutes, with the second in seven minutes thirty seconds. Thereafter I am afraid that I increased my pace rather. Probably a mite too fast for what was scheduled as, "an easy run." The Garmin announced my average pace for the outing at 7 minutes 6 seconds per mile.

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