Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Turbine Power.


I had cause to travel between Limavady and Coleraine today on Broad Road. It has been several months since I have travelled this road. A new Windfarm has appeared on the horizon. It has the rather catchy name of the, "Dunmore 2 Windfarm." Not all of the turbines are constructed as yet, but ultimately there will be eight of them producing a total of 24 mw. The tip height of the structures is apparently 126m so modern day Don Quixotes should have no problem giving them a tilt.


I have to concede that I quite like the sight of wind turbines atop of hills but I also have to admit that I wouldn't want to live so close to one that I could hear the whirring of their blades. The twenty five years of guaranteed income must certainly be a boon to hill farmers. It would be nice to have fifty or sixty acres at the top of a wind blown mountain and SSE knocking at your door wanting to erect a few brace of turbines.

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