Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Tomato Plant Day.

I tend to keep loyal to tomato varieties with long pedigrees. It is almost fifty years since I sowed my first tomato seeds. As a child I found it amazing that starting off with a small seed that you could end up with a six foot tall plant in less than four months. I still do.


Moneymaker must be one of the most well known tomatoes and I elected to grow it again this year as well as Shirley. The seedlings threw their first adult leaves about a week ago so I decided to prick them out today and I have now transplanted them into their interim homes, (3 1/2 inch pots). I would expect that they should be ready to plant into rings in the greenhouse border in about four weeks time. By then they will be about ten inches tall. The first sun warmed fruit should be ready for picking towards the middle of July.


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