Saturday, 12 April 2014

Is Walter Pigeon pie in the Sky?


There is a new resident in the garden. I discovered him when I arrived home after Thursday night training. He didn't try to hide himself or hurry away. He was quite indifferent to my presence. I have decided to call him Walter. A rather obvious name for a homing pigeon I know and of course not being an expert in the mysterious art of sexing piegons it may be that I am forcing a name upon this bird which is totally inappropriate to its gender.


I suspect that Walter became lost during a midweek training flight. Perhaps he flew too close to an electricity pylon and his homing abilities were knocked out of kilter or maybe he was on his first flight and has discovered that he is simply not going to make it as a racing pigeon after all. In any event he seems quite content picking at the detritus below the bird table and he has not as yet decided to try to regain the comforts of his home loft.


He is quite a young bird according to the green ring which he wears around his right ankle with pride. His number is GB13L 24634. I have now reported the miscreant's details to a local pigeon fancier and maybe I will be able to reunite Walter with his owner before a buzzard decides that Walter looks like tiffin.


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