Friday, 11 April 2014

Nigel Farage loves Channel 5?

Nigel Farage must be sending Channel 5 a very big thank you for broadcasting its programme, " Gypsies on Benefits and Proud." It promised to reveal how easily immigrants can obtain benefits in the United Kingdom and it certainly kept to that promise.


The Roma interviewed made it very clear that they viewed the UK as a soft touch for benefits and that they were intending to take full advantage of our lax social security system. To be fair the recipients of our taxes acknowledged our generosity, but they also made it quite clear that they were intending to work the system to their benefit and that of their extended families.


What is now called the European Union is now too large to operate successfully and it is no longer a union of near equals. The disparity in living standards between the constituent countries fosters, nay encourages, benefit tourism. As long as we remain within the, "EU," perhaps freedom of movement should still be permitted and perhaps entitlement to benefits in other states should even continue but with the caveat that they should be capped at the lower of the level paid in the claimant's mother state or that of the state being forced to accept these economic migrants. It would be interesting to hear Mr Farage's views on the matter.


It is already being predicted that UKIP may be the party with the most MEP's after the next European elections. It would not surprise me if they also have a part to play in the formation of the next UK parliament.


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