Tuesday, 1 April 2014

The Bum Bra

Have you ever noticed how women of a certain age and indeed their male counterparts have a tendency to develop what could be described as the single buttock look? Clearly I am not the only person who has noticed this phenomenon. In an as yet unscheduled episode of, "Dragons Den," Yorkshire business woman and entrepreneur, Audrey Ruth Sittingham-Ellis is to be seen trying to garner support for her novel invention which aims to consign this physical faux pas to the compost heap of fashion.


She is interviewed in the stable block of her family's stately pile where she has developed the prototype of what she describes as her, 'Bum Bra." Initially she thought that the problem could be solved by a large toe separator but the results of that product placement were unsuccessful and indeed somewhat uncomfortable for the testers. It was then that Audrey had what she coyly describes as her "Damascus Moment." She suddenly remembered how Eva Herzigova had inspired her when she was a gal. She realised that a combination of support and separation was the answer to the problem. That was when the Bum Bra was born.


The Dragons were given the opportunity of trying out Audrey's prototype but they declined to do so. Strange that. She was pressed on the finances behind the invention. Whilst there was some initial interest among the male members of the panel none of the Dragons were persuaded that the bottom line figures would warrant an investment. Understandably Audrey was disappointed and a little angry with the outcome and sent the Dragons a short note to this affect signed off with her initials.

Ah well the day is in it!


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