Friday, 4 April 2014

Training for the Older Athlete.

Yesterday was the day that our coach decreed that winter training should change to that of summer. Circuits are no more although we are encouraged to continue with core exercises in our own time. This is the time of year to concentrate on leg speed.


Following the obligatory warm up we indulged in various hurdle exercises,( I suspected that I would feel the benefits of this on the morrow when I awoke from my slumbers and I was not wrong .) Thereafter we ran 4 x 200m x2. We finished off by running two laps in relay format, 150m, 150m, 100m and then a warm down. I suspect that these exertions were not too taxing for my younger compatriots, but for my somewhat older muscles and bones they have proved to have been very noticeable. Becoming older and longer of tooth is somewhat disconcerting.


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