Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Ryanair the White Knight of the Sky?

A few months ago I booked a return flight with Ryanair to Portugal. I didn't have a choice of carrier, - unfortunately!


Anyhows with, "chocks away " day fast approaching I thought it appropriate to print out my boarding passes. I filled in the relevant , "fields," giving the necessary details from my passport. That completed I hit the, "print boarding passes now," icon. The printer did not spring into action. Instead of the clatter of the printer there was a notice on screen telling me that I had to deal with the matter of seat selection.


It transpires that the customer friendly Ryanair has decided that if you want to print out a boarding pass more than seven days before you are going to use it then you have to pay at least £5 for the pleasure. The reward for this is that you can select your seat allocation within certain limits.


I am not minded to pay Messrs Ryanair any more monies than I have to. I will refrain from printing my boarding pass for the outward journey until I am within seven days from take off. The return flight is somewhat more problematical. As it does not take place within 7 x 24 hrs from take off I either have to avail of the services of some Internet cafe whilst abroad or alternatively take a deep breath and give Mr Ryanair £5.00 with substantial ill grace. The first option attracts me although it will be rather inconvenient.

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