Monday, 14 April 2014

Poles for Beans


Last year's bamboo wigwams for the runner beans were just not strong enough for the job. A combination of high winds and the weight of the plants necessitated the introduction of additional canes and the use of yards of garden twine in a rather vain attempt to keep the tepees in an upright state.


So as to avoid another year of crumbling structures I determined to use stronger building materials this season.


I have been clearing a portion of ground in which several willows had established themselves. These have provided me with upwards of twenty sturdy eleven foot poles. I have now prepared two wigwams and they await the young runner bean plants. These should be ready for planting out towards the end of May - two plants per pole. The variety which I am growing is , "St. George."


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  1. Looks great...Tho (and apologies if you know this already!) they make take root! My mother-in-law had this happen with willow poles, as willow has some sort of natural rooting compound that makes it incredibly easy to grow from just twigs or poles. I've just planted about 60 willow 'setts' (little twigs) - two weeks later, they are growing away strongly...