Friday, 2 May 2014

Apple Blossom and Bluebells


Last year's planting of apple trees are displaying their first flush of flowers. I might allow a few fruit to set but really I want them to put all of their energies into growing. With a year of settling in behind them I am hopeful that there will be a marked growth spurt this year but it might well be 2016 before I have anything approaching a supply of apples. Certainly the storage drawers which I bought some years ago will not be needed in the very near future.


Apple blossom is one of those events in the garden that presages summer. Another such event is when the bluebells lend their scent to the air and light up the dappled shade with their vibrant flowers. Unfortunately all of my bluebells are of the American variety but they still provide an impressive show in the spring garden. A reminder that summer is fast approaching.


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