Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Partying in the sky courtesy of Ryanair.

Last Thursday I had the dubious pleasure of flying to Portugal courtesy of Ryanair. If the destination had been different or if I had not been a member of a group travelling together I do not think that I would have put myself through the experience.


There were two stag parties on the plane and two hen parties. The participants in these drink fuelled celebrations of impending matrimony had clearly consumed more than a modicum of alcohol in advance of their flight and they were intent upon continuing their partying for the duration of the journey to Portugal. A flight attendant confided to one of my fellow travellers that this particular route was one of the noisiest and least well behaved routes run by Ryanair. Apparently it is not a particularly popular constituent flight on anyone's rota. I can understand that.


Tomorrow will see me embarking on the return journey. I am hoping that the flight home will be a quieter event than the outward leg.

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