Saturday, 25 May 2013

Radio 1 Threat to GCSE and A Level Results?

Londonderry's year as UK City of Culture has resulted in Radio 1's Big Weekend bringing traffic chaos, cost and what now passes for music to the Maiden City. No doubt hordes of gyrating, hip young things will be walking in a very decorous manner towards the venue for this cultural gem, clutching their flasks of tea and lunch boxes filled with egg and onion sandwiches. After every act they will be showing their approval with polite clapping and at the end of each night they will be driven home by their doting parents so that they can have their hot chocolate before drifting off to sleep lamenting the absence of such musical luminaries as AlunaGeorge and Angel Haze.


It seems strange that no one has recognised the danger that this extravaganza poses to the academic achievements of the youth of the North West. Have the City Fathers closed their eyes to the threat of Radio 1? The weekend before the little darlings commence their exams they are being tempted to forgo dreary revision with the prospect of eardrum perforating pleasure. One could even imagine, with the benefit of a few calming snifters, that Mr Gove has teamed up with Radio 1 in a diabolical scheme to lower the grades of Northern Ireland's students. Well perhaps not.

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