Friday, 10 May 2013

Monte Gordo 2013 - Day 5

Tuesday was to prove to be the toughest session of the week. The venue for our efforts was the athletics stadium at St Antonio. Track sessions at this time of year tend to be hard. You can't fool yourself when you train or race on a track. The distances are accurate. A 400m rep is exactly that. This is when you have to accept the objective truth as to your speed and fitness, - good or bad. There were ten of us for the session. We had been joined by two runners from Dublin, a v 55 and a v 60. Too many to run the reps all together we split up into three groupings. The two fastest, a v35 and a v45 were to run together. I was in the second group being joined by a v40 and a senior, ie an under 35. The third grouping comprised my fellow v55, two v60s and the two female athletes.


The first effort was a 600m. This was followed by a 400m, a 300m and a 200m. We had six minutes between each rep. My v40 compadre took the pace in the first rep. I ran close to his right shoulder for the first 500m and then eased past him to get a 99s clocking, (82.77 age graded). The subsequent reps were concluded in 61s, (51.31 AG), 45s, (37.61 AG) and 31s, (25.74 AG). With each run my lactic levels increased. Not a pleasant feeling, but a tolerance to lactic acid is what the middle distance runner aims to achieve.


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