Monday, 6 May 2013

Monte Gordo 2013 - Day 2

Saturday's athletic efforts were of a more serious nature than those of the previous day. In the morning we drove to the athletics track in St. Antonio. Whilst the area has miles of trail runs it is this track which is the real draw for club and international runners. It was the venue for the British Track and Field Team's pre-Olympic preparation.


Within the grounds occupied by the track there is a large fenced grass area. We warmed up around this area and then performed our various drills. That completed we headed for the arena. All eight of us were to run the same session although we split up into three groupings based on speed for the first element. Five by four hundred metres with ninety second jog recovery was the first course. My group ran these in an average of 75s. We took it in turns to take these out. Five minutes of recovery prefaced the second element of the session, 8 x 200m with 200m recovery between. We all ran this together although there was probably a three second disparity between those at the front and the rear. I really enjoyed this part of the session. The warm weather and lack of breeze makes track running so much easier. Four of us headed these efforts, running tight together on each other's shoulders. We ran each 200m in 31s and it felt easy. One of those days when you can almost believe, almost but not quite, that you are young again.


Post our ever so healthy lunch it was rest time before the day's second session tranche of training. This was a thirty minute recovery run along the beach.


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