Monday, 6 May 2013

Monte Gordo 2013 - Day 3

I woke up yesterday morning to another sunny day. Tough I know. People in Portugal, certainly the natives, tend not to comment on the weather. I suppose there is not much point when there is an almost inevitability to day after day of bright sunlight and warm temperatures. The charms of frosts and drizzling rain tend to pale in comparison.


The group headed out for the morning's session just after ten o'clock. We ran for an hour around the tracks and trails between Monte Gordo and St. Antonio. It wasn't a fast run, but the breeze coming off the sea was none the less very welcome. Even at that time of the morning temperatures had risen to 73.5 degrees farenheit. A leisurely lunch preceded a few hours rest away from the heat of the day before a thirty minute beach run concluded the days training.


The eating establishment which was favoured by our custom for the evening fuelling session was most definitely a step or two up the culinary tree from the emporium which we had attended on nights one and two. Neither restaurant could however be said to offer, "fine dining." Indeed the first eatery would not I think have the pretensions to call itself a restaurant. That said we are of course not on a gourmet's holiday, more that of a gourmand bearing in mind our daily requirement for calories.


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