Saturday, 18 May 2013

Eurovision 2013 - Nil Points!

It is that time of year again, the time to suffer the musical non event of the year. It is time to grab your discipline and lash your eardrums with the cacophony of noise which is known as the Eurovision Song Contest.


Why is it allowed to survive? It is not as if it is a nursery for modern music, its writers and performers. Does it have any musical relevance? I would postulate that the answer is a resounding no. Despite its irrelevancy it sees to have become one of those must do, must see events in the British social calendar, joining the likes of the Boat Race; the Last Night of the Proms; The FA Cup Final; Henley; Wimbledon and The Grand National. Hardly in the same league as any of these iconic events!


The answer to my question may be because this "show" is so cringingly bad. People know what to expect and want to reassure themselves that the standard has not improved since the previous year. Few, if any, Countries appear to take the completion very seriously. Certainly the dear old UK seems to have decided not to try too hard. For the second year in a row they selected a bus pass toting singer to represent us. Not surprisingly Bonnie Tyler did not win.


The winner? Denmark crossed the line first. By this time next month few people will be able to remember the answer to this pub quiz question.

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