Saturday, 4 May 2013

Peas Sown

This weeks milder weather has enabled me to sow my pea seeds. The variety of choice this year is a main crop pea by the name of Hurst Greenshaft. I have grown this particular pea before and found it to be a good cropper. For the moment I have sown two eighteen foot double rows, but I might sow a further row in two or three weeks time, space permitting. As they freeze so well a glut of peas is something to welcome.


Although not the tallest growing pea nonetheless this variety does need support and my modus operandi is to have my chicken wire fence support in place from the outset, with the peas being sown on either side in shallow drills and with a spacing of about three inches between peas. The rows are about thirty inches apart.


Thankfully I don't have any problems with mice, but the growing numbers of rabbits have forced me to fence in the vegetable areas to prevent my crops becoming rabbit fodder. I lost most of my initial sowings of pea and beans last year to their rapacious incisors. It seems as if myxomatosis is no longer keeping a check on rabbit numbers.


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