Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Earth to Earth

Last weekend saw me at another funeral. When I was younger there was a rash of weddings. I am now entering the era of funerals, interspersed with the nuptials of friends' progeny and occasionally someone's second jump at the matrimonial fence.


Friends' parents are now falling off life's conveyor belt with an alarming rapidity. It is becoming a rather sombre and depressing feature of the social calendar. Omagh was the most recent locus for Charon to ply his trade.


I don't know what to think about funerals. For many grieving individuals the ritual and the presence of large numbers of friends, relatives and neighbours does I know bring strength and solace. For others the thought of showing one's grief in the presence of others merely adds to the trauma and is something to be eschewed. What is certain is that Cerberus is snapping at all our heels.


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