Saturday, 25 May 2013

A Day in the Vegetable Patch

I checked BBC Weather this morning. It informed me that in this corner of the realm today would be sunny, dry and warmish, but that as the weekend progressed that the weather would deteriorate with Bank Holiday Monday predicted to be windy and very wet. So far the forecast has been accurate.


With today's weather being conducive to gardening tasks I took the opportunity to spend several hours in the vegetable patch. My runner bean plants, (St George), which had been sown on 28th April were very definitely ready for planting out. I constructed three bamboo wigwams and planted two bean plants at the bottom of each cane. So thirty pants in toto. The bamboo canes are perhaps a trifle light, but they were free! Two years back the winter frosts had killed a largish clump of bamboo. I was one plant less, but the upside was that I had become the owner of some two hundred bamboo canes. I might add a few more canes to give greater rigidity.


The courgette plants and the squash plants were also ready for a life outdoors so I have planted them adjacent to the runner beans. I have never been very successful in growing squash. Hopefully this year will provide a bumper crop!

Main Crop Potatoes


The rest of the day was spent moulding up the main crop potatoes and weeding the onions and the autumn planted garlic. It won't be too long before the garlic is ready for use.

Autumn planted garlic


An everyday story of gardening folk. Hey ho.


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