Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Old Cars Approaching End of Road

Apparently Britain has only 291 Austin Allegros which are either on the road, or are the subject of a statutory off-road notification. So says the Daily Telegraph. This news is hardly surprising.


I for one don't have a yearning to ensure the survival of the automobiles of my youth. I remember their unreliability. I remember my father trying to crank life into a recalcitrant Hillman Minx with a starting handle. The Hillman Avenger which succeeded it wasn't much better and its predecessor an Austin Minor in standard green was infinitely worse. It was cramped and in winter it was very cold and in summer it was stiflingly hot. The heater was a rug and air conditioning meant rolling down a window. If I wanted in car entertainment I took a book along with me. Seat belts ? What were they? No I do not have a hankering for the cars of yore.


Austin Allegro RIP.


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