Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Monte Gordo 2013 - Day 4

Monday's athletic agony saw us run a pyramid of efforts on grass. This was the warmest day since we arrived, with temperatures in the late seventies. The efforts took us around a lap that extended to just over two furlongs. We ran nineteen efforts in toto. The shortest might have been about sixty metres and the longest was, rather unsurprisingly, a complete lap. Our sodden running vests were in dire need of removal and replacement by the end of the session. We completed our morning's efforts with various core exercises.


The afternoon saw us in St Antonio drinking coffee in the shade of a small cobbled square. Several sparrows hopped and chirped between the chairs and tables hoping for crumbs that didn't appear. We hoped for the cool of evening and the restorative affects of the sea breeze during our now standard beach run.




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