Monday, 6 August 2012

Turnip Head

Turnip - Golden Ball 6th August 2012

At this time of year it is always a question of which vegetables shall I pick for tonight's dinner.  I decided to go for a humble turnip to go along with the balance of the cauliflower which I had cut on Saturday. Humble and non pretentious the turnip may be but it is one of my favourite vegetables. Not even the over boiled mush of school dinners put me off it. I favour the yellow fleshed , "Golden Ball," as a main crop variety. It is particularly sweet and is a good storer. One of these, a rather large specimen, became part of tonight's repast. Another variety which I grow is Snowball. It is a fast growing medium sized white turnip. Tiny Pal is a useful catch crop turnip which grows no larger than a golf ball. I tend to sow it in August after room becomes available with the lifting of the last early potatoes.

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