Friday, 17 August 2012

Cabbage Green

Three across. Nine letters. "American bus that could enter Waterloo Cup." Answer? Why Greyhound of course. I don't know why this popular variety of small cabbage was given this name. It's not as if the leaves are greyish green. Perhaps it is because it is quite quick growing. More prosaically I suspect that some plant breeder just thought it up on the spur of the moment. He had to give it some retail name and that of  "greyhound" came to him as he sprinkled his infant plants with their daily benefaction of water.

Cabbage - Greyhound - 17th August 2012

I have been cutting heads of this cabbage for the past month. The seed was sown indoors in the middle of March and when the seedlings were large enough they were transplanted into standard size trays with eighteen plants per tray. They were planted out in mid May. I have planted them quite close together. The spacing is no more than fifteen inches. With more room they would grow slightly larger but I prefer the tighter planting as it cuts down on weeding and leaves me more room for other things.

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