Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Double Killer Remains Free

Two nights. Two identical killings. In neither case did the killer show any remorse. Both victims squealed in terror, a shrill plaintive plea. The killer was deaf to this, intent only upon her gory pleasure. She played her victims, letting them hope for freedom, but finally, deftly, dispatching them. She was not content with terrorising and killing her prey. Now there was the satisfaction of a fresh meat dinner.

The outside cat, Whatsit by name, has decided to go for bigger game, forsaking mice and shrews for tender teenage bunnies. There isn't much of a rabbit that a cat won't eat, just a few entrails and the bobtail. Nature can be a bit tooth and claw, but I can't regret the passing of a few rabbits. The rabbit population has definitely been rising over the past few years and is becoming a problem. I have had to place chicken wire around portions of the vegetable plot to protect seedlings.

Maybe I should forget to feed the cat tonight in the hope that a few more of the species oryctolagus cunniculus meet their nemesis.
The Killer

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