Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Main Course Potato

Romano Potatoes - 8th August 2012

With all my early potatoes now eaten I have dug my first top of main crop. The variety which I chose for today's exhumation was, Romano. This is a red skinned potato with cream coloured flesh. It was developed from Desiree and in looks it is very similar. I chose to grow it because it is vaunted as being particularly disease resistant. 

For the last few years I have experienced some leaf blight on my main crop potatoes and I had hoped that Romano would be the potato which would not succumb to those devilish spores. My hopes have not been vindicated. That burnt looking foliage has appeared again. Thankfully the tubers are not affected. They are of a good size, but I am slightly disappointed at the yield from this first top.

The other main crop varieties which I have planted this year are Majestic and Cara.  The latter with its white skin and pink eyes is a particular favourite of mine.

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