Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Freedom for Freddie Frog

Freddie - post release.
I was down in the cellar this morning. Not an usual event. I had decided upon a leisurely twenty minutes on the concept rowing machine prior to breakfast. Again nothing unusual. I had just embarked upon this course of exercise when, out of the corner of my eye, I thought that I saw something move. Glancing over to my right I saw what looked to be a dried leaf on the floor.Maybe a dried onion scale which I had omitted to sweep up whenever the last of the stored onions were used up I told myself.

I resumed my rowing trying to maintain an even stroke rate. Suddenly there was another movement and it definitely was a movement. The thing on the floor had hopped. I stopped rowing, undid the foot straps and went to investigate. The trespasser was a small common frog. Its body was about two inches long. How it had managed to infiltrate the cellar I am not quite sure. It may have been through one of the ventilation bricks. Deciding that the cellar was probably not the ideal long term home for Freddie I managed to place a large jar over him and slip a piece of cardboard under the jar. I then marched him outside and released him.

When I returned to the rowing machine my initial efforts were no longer displayed on the screen. Blast! The twenty minutes had to be started anew.

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