Saturday, 18 August 2012

Off Track

I should be in Tullamore this weekend, with all the other athletes of more mature years , competing at the Irish Masters Track & Field Championships. Unfortunately injury has struck me again. Nothing serious. I can still run in relative comfort at seven minute per mile pace, but any faster and my left leg shouts a resounding no.

Reality struck when I attempted a time trial on Tuesday. Up until then I was hoping the damaged muscle fibres would have healed in time. In anticipation of that I even sent in my entry. Lady luck has however decided to rain on my parade as 'twere. I have also had to forgo the inter regional competition in Solihull at the beginning of September. Logic tells me that I will probably be fully recovered by then, but equally it would be wrong for me to commit to something when I am not race fit. Hey ho!

I will now have to revise my targets. December brings the start of the indoor season. It also sees me in a new age category. Perhaps I will manage one or two road races before then, but I think that I will schedule my training so as to achieve a reasonably fast season's debut on the boards just before Christmas or in early January. The joys of cross country do not hold any attractions for me.

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