Saturday, 11 August 2012

Summer is a Beach

Benone Beach 10th August 2012
The last few days have finally brought us balmy summer weather and not before time. I decided to go to Benone beach yesterday to enjoy the weather and the scenery and at the same time clock up a few miles of Chariots of Fire training. The Olympics make you think like that. The problem was that most every other Tom, Dick and Harriett had the same idea. Well half the same idea anyhow. There certainly wasn't anyone else going for a run.

I don't want to appear curmudgeonly but I do like a bit of quiet. Still it wasn't too bad. Although there might have been upwards of one hundred and fifty cars on the beach when I arrived, all of them apart from three intrepid vehicles were corralled around two ice cream vans. Maybe their occupants needed the security of ice cream, crisps and sugary drinks.

I headed up towards Magilliagn Point. Once I left the cars behind I only came upon one person, a man in his late thirties walking his black lab. Both looked happy. There was no one on the beach at the Point. The softness of the sand there I think puts people off. As I turned and began to retrace my steps I could see the glint of the ferry as it began its journey across from Greencastle.

One of the ice cream vans had left by the time I had ran back to my starting point. So had half the cars. I wonder if there is a connection?

Roll on still and frosty winter mornings when I can have the beach to myself!

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