Monday, 20 August 2012

Cucumber Challenge

Cucumber - Telegraph - 20th August 2012.

What does one do with a surplus of cucurbits, or more particularly a surplus of cucumbers?  I pulled six this morning. That gives a total of twelve that need processing. About twenty pounds in weight. Too many for cucumber sandwiches me thinks.

A neighbour is about to harvest the honey from her bee hives, so casting a few cucumbers on the waters might elicit a couple of jars of honey in exchange. That would leave ten. I did see an article in the Daily Telegraph magazine a few weeks back lauding a book on Mexican cooking. A recipe for , "Cucumber Aqua Fresca," was published and it was suggested that this was ,"a brilliant way of using up a glut," of cucumbers. A glut for the purposes of this article was however only four cucumbers. Still that would bring me down to six to deal with. What to do with them? It seems that you can make cucumber chutney. Mustard powder appears to be one of the main ingredients for this delicacy so that Aqua Fresca may be needed to dowse a chap's burning taste buds. With the production of the chutney that should leave only three cucumbers whose fate has to be decided upon. Pickled in vinegar would seem a suitable end for these laggards .

Now what to do with next weeks crop?

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