Monday, 6 January 2014

Winter Vegetable Gardening


The rain may be pounding on the windows and the wind may be intent on bending everything to its will but there is one gardening task that isn't weather affected. Indeed the worse the weather is the more readily you fall to this particular task. This is the time of year to page through the seed catalogues and determine what seeds to purchase for the year ahead.


Most gardeners tend to purchase their, "old favourites," year after year. I have to concede I do for the most part adopt the habit of the majority. After all if a particular vegetable or variety works for you why drop it. That said it is quite enjoyable to try something new, something different, something slightly exotic. Maybe a scalloped edged squash like, "Twinkle," or a pre williamite coloured carrot or the delicate coral headed calabrese, "Roanesco Celio." Decisions decisions.


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