Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Winter Runnerland.


Today was almost springlike. Mild, calm and dry with blue skies. Where should I run? Where should I find my daily running fix?


By the time I was determining upon the venue for my exertions it was already after three o'clock so I had to take account of the decreasing light even though I would have my fluorescent tabard to slip over my running kit.


I ultimately decided to drive the horseless carriage to Garvagh Forest and run along the road leading towards Maghera and the Glenshane Pass. This is not by any means a minor country road and it has the advantage of a footpath along its whole length. By the time I staggered out of the forest carpark it was after four o'clock. The temperature was dropping. Usually I prefer to run along with others and enjoy their banter, but sometimes the loneliness of the solitary runner can be just what I want. Today was one of those days. There were no pedestrians to get in my way. The footpath was free of puddles and potholes. I could run freely and steadily.


I had omitted to charge my Garmin so I don't quite know the distance covered nor the pace achieved, but I suspect that my 59 min exertion resulted in a run of about 8.5 miles. Much less and I would be disappointed.

By the time I regained the safety of my car the winter sun had slipped below the horizon. Crispness had deteriorated to cold and the car thermometer informed me that it was peppering freezing point. Another days training concluded. A warm shower beckoned.


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