Saturday, 11 January 2014

Grey Squirrel Chops.


It wasn't all that many years ago that red squirrels were more numerous than their grey cousins in Northern Ireland. Now the ratio of red to grey is probably no better than in Britain. It is more than a year since I caught a glimpse of a shy,"Tufty," but most days I would see three or four grey squirrels bounding about. They are a frequent visitor to the garden.


The bird feeders are the big attraction providing them with an almost effortless supply of food. I can't say that I approve of their filching of peanuts and seed and I certainly do not approve of them biting through the wire mesh of the feeders. Recently I have become aware of them digging up some of the spring bulbs for their tiffin. I am not impressed.


Apparently their meat is quite tasty to eat and surprisingly sweet. Carbonated grey squirrel sounds as if it would be a very ethical repast. The numbers of this North American interloper do need to be reduced if not zeroed.


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