Monday, 27 January 2014

Birdwatch 2014


The weekend now past was the nominated weekend for the RSPB's annual Big Garden Birdwatch. I had signed up online for this twitcher fest and so was able to submit the results of my hour spent viewing the toings and froings at the bird table via my trusty tablet.


Unfortunately Sunday afternoon was very wet and windy and accordingly not very many of the little blighters decided to partake of the free nosh which I had provided for their delectation. I feel sure that the weather must have a big affect on everyone's sightings. Our feathered friends are not entirely stupid. They aren't going to spend time foraging for food in bad weather unless they are really hungry.


You have to report the greatest number of a particular bird that you see at the same time. My sightings gave the following results this year:-

Blackbird 1

Blue tit. 2

Chaffinch. 2

Coal tit. 1

Great tit. 3

House Sparrow. 3

Robin. 1

Magpie. 1


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