Friday, 17 January 2014

Portrush Parkrun Dismissed.


Savouring a rather large tipple of wine in front of the flickering flames of the log burner this pm I contemplated the possibility of wending my way to Portrush tomorrow morning to avail of the joys of its non parkrun Parkrun. How a run on a beach can fall within the deinition of a Parkrun does befuddle the little grey cells somewhat.


Anyhows what was the result of my deliberations? Well my decision was made with some ease when I perused the tide tables for Portrush. High tide is to occur at 7.19 with the following low tide at 13.45. Why anyone should willingly want to run through soft sand, unless of course they are one of that besotted subset of individuals who actually enjoy cross country running and want to train for it, is beyond logic and my comprehension.

Tomorrow's exertions will not occur on the tide truncated sands of Portrush.


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