Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Lifford Winter Track Meeting.


It may only be the middle of January, but Lifford AC hosted a preseason meet at their new mondo track tonight. They elected not to feature the standard distances, but instead ran races over 60m; 150m; 300m; 600m and 1000m. For those who prefer to throw and jump there were also events for them.


To say that the temperature was cool would be somewhat incorrect. It was biteingly cold. A long and rather vigorous warm up was needed so as to reduce the risk of pulled muscles. By the time the last race was run ,at circa 8pm, icy patches were in evidence on the track. Much later and the demands of, "health and safety," would probably have brought the meeting to an abrupt end.


As I am running an 800m masters race in ten days time I thought it appropriate to run the 600m. After a four month absence from competitive track competition it was all a bit of a shock to the system. Still I managed to stagger round the track in 1min 41secs without any ill affects. Maybe not quite the time that I would have liked to end up with, but bearing in mind the debilitating affects of old Father Time, the weather and the time of year I am not too disappointed.


A temperate clime for training and competing in is most definitely to be desired. Roll on the now traditional training week in Portugal.


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