Friday, 24 January 2014

"North West One" Development

Another day and another out of town shopping centre is being proposed for the citizenry of Northern Ireland's second city. This one has the ever so catchy name of the, "North West One Development." It is perhaps a sign of the times that the proposal was, according to the BBC, being presented by the administrators of GSB Guernsey. It will be a long time before the fallout from the recession becomes a matter of history.


We are told that this development, if given the go ahead, will provide 250 construction jobs for upwards of two years and that the development will create some 510 jobs when it is up in operation. Yet again we are not told what if any net gain in jobs there will be. Yet again no mention is made of the existing jobs that will be lost and the existing local businesses that will fail if the planners should permit the developer's desired 50,000 sq ft of concrete glass and steel.

Hopefully the planners will realise that there are enough food stores and an excess of coffee shops and that they should be staunching the flow of business from the city centre rather than encouraging it.

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