Monday, 20 January 2014

Winter Track Session.

Blue skies, no wind, temperatures approaching double figures. For a winter day this was a good one. Not having been able to run the designated Sunday training session on that day of rest I determined upon ticking it off my to do list today. Accordingly I wended my way to a little used local authority athletics track this morning. As I suspected I was not to be inconvenienced by any other track officianadoes. A solitary dog walker being dragged around the surrounding football pitches by his exuberant pooch was the only disruption to the solitude.


After a twenty minute warm up I commenced the allocated exercise. 6 x 800m with 90 sec jog between each effort was the selection from the exercise menu. It is hard to get used to the notion, nay fact, that every year this session gets slower. I fight against the tide of the years, but the inexorable progress of age is a reality that cannot be reversed. Anyhows today's efforts were run in 2.56. Not the time of old, but I suppose acceptable for a v5 in the late autumn of his running career and training on his lonesome.

I must try harder.


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