Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Snail Mail

Flicking through the post this morning I came upon an envelope which I correctly surmised contained a card. Who had decided to send me a written thank you? Who had decided to invite me to their nuptial feast? These were the questions which flitted across my mind as I ripped the envelope open with some degree of haste.


The missive was not as I had imagined. A friend in self exile in England was wishing me a happy Christmas and prosperous New Year. A bit early for 2014! Had he forgotten to commit it to the post in 2013? Not a very charitable thought I know, but I have to concede that it has not been unknownst for me to pop the odd Christmas card into a pillar box somewhat adrift of the festive period


I am happy to report that my fellow scrivener had not committed the card to the vagaries of the Royal Mail in the aftermath of Christmas. The envelope is clearly stamped 18th December 2013. Now I know why people talk about snail mail. I do not think that thirty five days falls within the delivery target times for our newly privatised deliverer of mail. The average gastropod will I think agree with me.


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