Tuesday, 3 September 2013

To eat or not to eat that is the question.

Reports of strange giant fungi caused me to amble along a local road this morning to view the cause of this rural excitement.


There were four of them growing in the verge. One appeared to have been kicked by a passerby and was looking decidedly the worse for wear. Another had turned an orangey colour and was most definitely past its best. The remaining two had just about reached maturity and were unscathed save for a few nibbles from some long departed slug or snail. They looked a bit like white, cyclist's helmets that had been tossed into the grass and they were about twelve inches across. It would seem that they might well be giant puff-balls in which case they provide a lot of good eating. If they are not then I suppose the worse case scenario is death by poisoning!


I wonder whether I should return to their secret location and pick them?


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