Wednesday, 11 September 2013

The Moira Pottery Company

I was recently given four items of Hillstonia pottery, an ornamental jug and three planters. It seems that the manufacturer, (perhaps, "thrower," is the more accurate term), of these items was the Moira Pottery Company Limited.


Initially I thought that this business might have had a Northern Irish heritage, but this was not the case. It operated from a site some five miles outside Burton-on-Trent. Operations seem to have commenced in 1922, with incorporation following in 1928. The pottery closed in 1972 just after it had celebrated its fiftieth anniversary with the publication of a commemorative booklet. The buildings were demolished and the site became part of an opencast coal mine.


I think these items date from the mid 1960's. One of the planters still has the original price on its base, - 5/7. The planters are designed for the growing of bulbs, particularly hyacinths. I might buy some.


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