Monday, 23 September 2013

Garden Tidy Up

Late September and October provide the weeks for the garden's pre winter tidy up. Today's balmy weather prompted me to start on this seasonal task, Picking the balance of the broad beans and uprooting the denuded bean plants was the first task on the list. I haven't shelled the beans as yet, but I suspect that I will end up with seven or eight pounds.


The runner beans were the next vegetable to suffer the final cull of the year. There weren't that many pods left, but enough for a couple of meals. I left the courgette marrow pants intacto, but five good sized courgettes were excised from below their turgid leaves. Hopefully I will be able to pluck a few more baby marrows before the first frosts fatally burn the plants to death. I also picked a few squashes. They weren't that large, but beneath that knobbly skin I suspect that there will be sufficient flesh to provide a few soups.




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