Friday, 13 September 2013

Financial Services

A financial advisor chappie called with me today. Previously I had been dealing with his father. The older generation was always running late and always rushing and always trying to make up time. I was never impressed with that. He advised me by letter that I would receive six monthly reports. This was apparently an aspiration. Not a reality.


What then of the younger generation? Well he arrived on time - a definite positive. Although he was probably in his early thirties he was somewhat hesitant in his presentation. He was nervous and this was very evident. I asked him what the FSCS protection limit for investments was. He did not know. I did. Who was the advisor? He would have liked me to sign client agreement forms there and then. I didn't. When I read through them after he had left I noted that I was being asked to contract with an entity which was wrongly described. It does not exist! An error of omission certainly, but I do like accuracy.


Should I sign up to this firm? I shall have to consider the quality of the advice. It flaunts its qualifications yet a partner cannot answer a very basic question , albeit one of a regulatory nature.





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