Saturday, 14 September 2013

Stroke City Park Run


The life of an aged runner saw me turn out for a Park Run this morning. This was my third ever Park Run and third venue visited. Portrush and Ballymena respectively provided the locales for runs one and two. Today I travelled to Londonderry for the standard 9.30 start.


Four others from my training group were among the sixty eight individuals who turned out for this invigorating start to the day. We had arranged to do a drill session after the run so we were under strict instructions not to race. This was to be an AT effort, maybe seventy five seconds back from race pace. The starting point was on the quay just downstream from the Council Offices. We ran up towards the Peace Bridge, crossed it and then ran to a turning point in St Columb's Park before retracing our steps. Obviously the course has been measured, but it didn't feel like five kilometres. Maybe it was the bright morning sunshine and lack of wind that made the time pass so quickly.


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