Friday, 27 September 2013

Around the Bridges of Londonderry

It must be at least seven years since I have taken myself around the circular run of Londonderry, crossing the Craigavon Bridge and what is still referred to as the New Bridge. That was my selection for yesterday's exertions.


Thankfully I hadn't arranged to meet up with anyone. I know that I wouldn't have been good company. Running does give you time for solitude; time to consider; time to think. You might not come to any earthshaking conclusion, but at least you only have yourself to fall out with. Mind you it tends to be rather easy falling out with yourself. You know the trigger points. You question yourself; question your actions; question your decisions and suspect your answers have been incorrect.


I ran in an anticlockwise direction, crossing the New Bridge initially and then running up through the Bay Road Park. The tide was out and several oyster catchers were sieving the mudflats. An ancient jogger staggered past me running in the opposite direction. His running apparel would not have looked out of place on Stanley Matthews. Still he was making the effort. He wasn't joining his contemporaries at the bowling club or slipping on his slippers to watch day time television. Hopefully I will have the willpower to be running at his age. It doesn't seem that far away. It isn't.


The run turned out to be slightly longer than I had anticipated. When I reached St Columb's Park the pathway running below Rockport Park , Caw Park and the various " 'waters," was closed. Strange that. I thought it had been completed for the recent marathon. Maybe it needs to be repaired!


The bridges of Maddison County aren't as high.


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