Friday, 6 September 2013

An iPad App.

I don't have very many, "apps," on the old iPad and most of those I do have are free ones. Last Christmas I read an article, in I think The Telegraph, recommending an app called iXpenselt.lite. It can be used to track income and expenditure and one can set a monthly or weekly budget. The initial app is free, but once you have posted a certain number of entries, ( it took me about three months to get to this stage), you then have to pay a small fee to enable you to continue to use the facility. The paid for app is called iXpenselt. I am only using it for expenditure, but I do find it useful. It is surprising just how much you spend on certain things. With an app like this it is obviously important that you enter all of your spend. If you don't then the figures, stats and graphs are worthless. Thankfully you receive a reminder to make the necessary entries every day. There may be similar applications which are equally as good or even better, but I have to say that I am very happy with the functionality of this particular iPad application.


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