Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Muddy Day Out.

A Range Rover Sport was the model that I had chosen to undertake the off roading in at the, "Land Rover Experience," day at Baronscourt.


Not unsurprisingly we weren't just let loose on the forest tracks in the hope that we would return with an intact vehicle. Every vehicle had its instructor or, in our case, an instructress by the name of Jill. She was certainly very knowledgeable about its mechanics as well as being able to issue appropriate instructions so that we didn't plonk our right feet on the brake when descending, or oversteer. I don't doubt for one minute but that the technical explanations were totally correct, but they were above my head and I was after all trying to steer this horseless carriage. A petrol/diesel head I am not.


It really was quite remarkable how sure footed this Range Rover was. That I could appreciate. Deep ruts and slippery surfaces were all treated with equal disdain by this luxurious workhorse.


We went round two circuits. The first of these took us up Bessy Bell which rises up behind the ducal seat. A strange name for a mountain. To get to the summit we had to drive through the Bessy Bell Windfarm and its ten turbines. It is rather strange to look down at a Windfarm rather than having to raise your eyes to it.


The second circuit which was closer to the house was somewhat shorter ,but probably a more difficult course with more mud and slippier surfaces. I suspect that Jill gave a sigh of relief when we had the car back in the courtyard with only a good coating of Co Tyrone mud spoiling Its paintwork.


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