Thursday, 8 November 2012

Thursday's Training Diary

Back from holiday. Back to group training tonight. It is so much easier to train with others rather than trying to plough the single furrow, (or should that read run the single lane?)

With a group you can more readily assess your performance ; you are less likely to duck out of training because you feel a trifle tired or the weather is inclement and of course there is the social side. Three of us have been training together for most of the last twenty five years so we have developed a certain camaraderie. The younger members of the group tend to develop glazed looks when we start to recount our training sessions from the mid 1980's and the races we ran when we were slightly closer to our prime.

Having been away on holiday last week this was my first group training session since the clocks moved back. Even though we met at 5 o'clock the darkness of night enveloped us before we had completed our twenty minutes warm up. We then ran five sharp three hundred metre reps along a well lit path with a fast jog back between each effort. That completed we reverted indoors for circuits. We completed two circuits of twelve exercises including a ninety second, "plank," on each circuit. I do enjoy this part of our winter training. You definitely know that you have exercised. Legs are sore; arms are sore and stomach muscles ache. Thankfully Friday is rest day. That said I might chalk up thirty minutes or so on the rowing machine. This exercise lark can become rather addictive.

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