Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Lance Corporal Jones - Don't Panic!

Dad's Army is probably, sorry definitely, my favourite television programme of all time. The present Saturday evening repeats are for me a, "must view." Whenever I watched the original showing of the series I don't suppose I appreciated that it would develop such a loyal audience. A lot of the original audience, from 1968, self included, just don't know the catch phrases but have begun to remember the  lines of our favourite characters.

Unlike many programmes Dad's Army didn't have just one or two lead characters. It had many including that of the bumbling old butcher, Lance Corporal Jones played by Clive Dunn. Most of the actors from this much loved series have already passed away and today, "Jonesee," joined his comrades at the age of 92. No panic just a quiet exit.

Whilst away on holiday last week I read Paul Bailey's article on Clive Dunn in the November Issue of, "The Oldie." I can't help feeling that it was rather prescient of him to have written his heart warming tribute of Robert Gladstone Dunn when he he did so. 

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