Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Rack of Pain

I do not do pain well. Pain killers on the way to the dentist are a must. If I have a headache, voluntary or involuntary, then again I am looking for some palliative care. All the more surprising therefore that I voluntarily submitted myself to an hour of agonising pain tonight. I even agreed to remunerate my assailant for what I knew would be an excruciating experience.

Why agree to something which without the element of, " volens," would probably fall within the definition of Assault Occasioning  Actual Bodily Harm? Well I thought a deep sports massage might help my hip problem. Whether it does remains to be seen. I think it might. 

I promised myself that I wouldn't scream no matter what the pain and I kept to this promise although I think that I have left imprints from my tightly gripping hands on the edges of the treatment bench. Terence, the name of my attacker, pushed all his weight into my frightened leg muscles. It felt a lot better when he stopped.  Wiping the sweat from my brow I actually thanked Terence before bounding to my car. I was definitely moving more freely. Success? I hope so.

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