Saturday, 17 November 2012

Cross Border Training

We deserted our normal training haunts today and instead headed to Lifford Athletic Club's newly, "Mondo," surfaced track. The Italian Mondo company now seems to be the supplier of choice for the surfacing of athletics tracks. 

Although it had been raining overnight the surface was quite dry underfoot. Some of the group had thought that spikes might have been essential for our session but I found that racing shoes gave me more than adequate purchase. The situation might have been very different on some of the tartan tracks around Northern Ireland, even at the rather pedestrian speeds that I am forced to run at due to my continuing , (although improving), injury problems.

Our warm up was relatively short. Three laps jog, followed by three laps of striding the straights and jogging the bends, followed by a further two laps jog. That completed we split up into four groups determined primarily by ability/fitness. Unfortunately I was not able to join the group I would have liked to have been running with and should be running with. For the moment I have to take a slower option. This does leave me rather dissatisfied after a training session, but from an objective perspective I know that I don't really have any option.

We ran 5 x 400m with 100m walk jog between, followed by 400m jog and then 8 x 200m with 100m walk jog between. The 400's were ran at an average of 80 sec and the 200's at an average of 36 sec. We then ran a ten minute warm down. 

As I have said already a dissatisfying session, - knowing that without the injury I would be running much quicker. 

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